Our company foundation was laid in 1993 on Long Island NY with a small group of caring, philanthropic entrepreneurs who vowed to create a unique company based around a core philosophy of values, savings and service.

Today, while a much larger company, this core group still leads by maintaining their original vision of treating members as they would treat cherished family. This foresight and vision inspired a unique heart-based corporate culture.  Potential and existing partners are always welcome to often visit our corporate home.

Cost Containment Group’s family of clients consists of Insurance Companies, Brokerage/Consulting Firms, Financial Institutions, Affinity Groups, Marketing Organizations, Associations, Membership Groups and MGA’s. CCG subsidiaries include:
  • United Health Programs of America, Inc. (UHP)
  • Ocean Consulting Group, Inc. (OCG)
  • Patriot Health, Inc.
  • Patriot Health Florida, Inc.